SEO Beginner’s Common Mistakes

  • Research does not only make you knowledgeable but it makes your content stand out.
  • Focus on improving your job and your income.
  • Too much sacrifice could give you too much pain.

Once in our life we became a beginner. It is a part of life and being a beginner to make or to commit some mistakes and errors. Nobody’s perfect and it’s up to you to correct yourself and learn from your mistakes. In the field of SEO, we also makes some mistakes but we make sure that later on we conclude and gain lessons which helps us put things in the right place. Listed below are some mistakes made by SEO beginners. Take note and try to learn.

  1. Being unfocused to improve income.

Focus on what’s giving advantage to both you and to the company. Business is business, right? What we mean is to try to be more intelligent by picking pages that you know you can improve the site’s performance and rank higher and faster. After which if you know that you could help those underperforming pages well try to give some help by pulling some link juice to them. It is also important to make monthly or quarterly reports and research on which focuses your goals and your target for the month or quarter. By simply doing those, you make the most out of your time and adds even a little bit to your income.

  1. Research!
  • It is important to make research and to study and especially that you are in the field of SEO, make sure that you’re up to date and knowledgeable. Every time you encounter a different or a new thing better make a research and search for some facts about it rather than leaving it out of place and knowing nothing about it which is the common mistake done by SEO beginners. Everything constantly changes. For example the requirements of Google. Making a report and research about the problem is also beneficial to make the solution by simply looking at the root of the problem. There’s nothing wrong and to be afraid of because you might encounter the same thing again in the near future and this time you are prepared to face it with a smile.
  1. Too much is not always good.
  • You do not need to sacrifice a lot of things to make your customer very happy. Your goal is to be profitable or to have a lot of income simply because what you are doing is a business. If your client demand you something and needs a lot of things, well try to negotiate at them and try to adjust those requirements. Because it affects all of your customers because you are just focusing on one client. Well if the deal is reasonable and gives you a lot of profit, then without a doubt go for it. Give what your clients want but if it’s too much then try to adjust those or they might want to find another company. Always remember that too much sacrifice will also give you too much pain.

Making mistakes is not always a bad thing but hence it could be a great strategy to be able to experiment and prepare to catch a bigger fish. We all make mistakes but what’s important is that you had learned with it and the next time the problem would occur, you are prepared!


How to enjoy life

  • Happiness is a choice.
  • Set your own goal!
  • Smile, while you still can.
  • Meditation help you eliminate the bad vibes and balance yourself.
  • Laughter is the best medicine and revenge to haters.
  • Enjoying could also mean sacrifice.

We often refer life to roller coasters because of its ups and downs. With this life full of mystery and everyday challenges, we sometimes forget to live in the moment. Sometimes we always think of a throwback experience from the past that makes us pause for a moment and then be sad as well as we fear that those experiences in the past would affect the future which makes living the moment harder. If you would always think of the past, then you can do nothing with the present which typically speaking can destroy your future. Here are the things that would help you live in the moment:

  1. Don’t look at other’s achievements.
  • Don’t look other people’s achievements what you are supposed to do is to try creating your own. You cannot enjoy and live in the moment because you are focused to achieve their goals while in the other hand you can create your own achievement. But always remember to know your limits however don’t hesitate to try to exceed them.
  1. Change your daily routine.
  • Try to examine and meditate to find the reasons why aren’t you enjoying life. After you find it out just little by little try to avoid and replace them with happier moments or routine that makes you happy and inspired. It’s not easy from the first place to instantly change so try it little by little or when you are ready.
  1. Meditation is the key.
  • Meditation refers to the act of relaxing and training your mind by simply concentrating and being focused while closing your eyes without any disturbances. You can only do this if you keep your mind empty. It brings you a lot of advantages. It helps you think better and to observe and see he world in a different angle. But if you’re meditating try avoid disturbances and don’t forget to set a timer. And keep in mind that meditation is different with sleeping.
  1. Smile!
  • This is the most effective way to enjoy life, to smile and be happy. If you are stressed out for the day try to smile and to laugh. If you can’t why don’t you watch some comedy shows or movies if you can’t then force yourself to laugh even though this maybe silly, it helps a little bit. Try to attend some laughter yoga or do it by yourself. Laughing gives you many advantages to your health.

Enjoying life doesn’t always refer to happy moments, but sometimes it is the bad ones that makes us laugh and enjoy. Enjoy could also mean sacrifice; sacrifice for the better of your future. If problems occur, just think positive, smile and move on. Problems do always have a solution. Happiness is a choice.

How to improve your SEO


  • Avoid having duplicate content.
  • Optimizing your web content is the very important and effective way in improving your site’s SEO.
  • Give your visitors what they need and what they want.
  • Always remember your main goal – to improve your site’s SEO and to market yourself.

There are many ways to help improve your site’s SEO but with all those numbers and steps, you are confused on what to do first and what’s really essential. In improving your site’s SEO it is also important to market your company and what you’re selling (if necessary). Remember that with every action and step that you do, you should always benefit with it. Listed below are some of the tips or ways on how to improve your site’s SEO:

  1. Use words strategically and usefully.
  • If you will not use words strategically and usefully your SEO campaign is threatened to failure. For example, users are searching for “Chinese cuisine” or some information about it – it is better for you to add more words or specific keywords such as “best Chinese cuisines”, “nearest Chinese cuisine restaurant” or what your company offers. By that way users are enlightened of what they will do and whom they will contact. If you will not specify your company’s offer, other sites might grab visitors because they have what the customers want. Be specific and use proper words.
  1. Be original!
  • In SEO, it is important to be original. Originality is about not having a duplicate, copy, or the same content existing in 2 different sites or URLs. Avoid them! Copying or duplicating articles leads you to copyright violation and destroy and ruin your site’s SEO. Using some tools could help you check if your site has a duplicate content with other sites.
  1. Analyze your site’s performance by optimizing speed.
  • Optimizing your site’s speed helps you a lot. You could never increase your SEO if your website load slowly. Visitors or users like a site that could load fast to get what they want. They want to have results immediately so if you’re not satisfying and giving them what they like, no one will visit your site and it has a bad effect on your SEO. So, optimize your site to load fast as well as you should also consider and optimize your site’s navigation.
  1. Optimize your website’s content.
  • This is the most important one. A visitor or a user visits your site for one main reason and that is to read and use your content. Visitors often visit a site to become educated or simply to become inspired. Use your web content for your own advantage, make sure to market yourself in the content itself. You’re marketing yourself and at the same time you are improving your website’s SEO.

Remember on what’s important here and that is to give your visitors what they want and what they need. In improving your SEO give your best and exert your uttermost effort. Always be reminded about your main goal – to attract visitors and to market yourself.

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SEO Lessons from Print

  • Internet made everyone a potential writer.
  • Our era is advance but we owe something from the past.
  • Educating the reader is a technique to attract visitors and traffic.
  • Proofreading is very important.
  • Your web content deserves to be the best – so learn from the past.

Everybody is familiar with magazines and newspapers definitely because it was the main transportation for content to us during those old times. These are printed content which is professionally written and is reviewed very carefully to avoid any errors or mistakes. And today the Internet became means of communication through the use of social media and with the use of internet, everyone is a potential writer. You can publish your article or anything with the use of different websites like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. With everyone publishing their work without checking it properly, there are more bad content than good content and no matter how good your content is, it is still hard to rank well or stand out because of many other users. So, what we can do now is to reflect and learn from the traditional print.

  • Everybody wants their content to be unique, one of a kind, and stand out but you can’t do that if your content has wrong information. When we research, our knowledge about the topic or subject is widened making it easy for us to write a web content because we already know all about our topic and we have knowledge and ideas in it. Without proper research, the reader could notice that something is not right. They will not continue reading your web content and thus will never visit your site again because what you have written is wrong – so it is really important to do some research.
  1. Educate the reader.
  • It feels good to be educated because you learn something new and something interesting. When you write a web content that educates the reader, your web content becomes so interesting and valuable as well as your site. People wants to know more of your article, your topic, and they want to know more facts. Educating the reader, helps you stand out with in terms of content and could help you in your SEO work because it attracts more visitors.
  1. Do some proofreading.
  • Proofreading is very important because you are able to check your work or article before you publish it as well as you still have a chance to correct those errors. Proofread does actually contribute something to the quality of your work. Magazines and newspapers are critically checked first before publishing it to ensure its quality. We could also can learn to improve the quality of our work and one way is proofreading. How could your web content be the best if there are some errors?

Our era is very advance and full of technology but let us not forget about our past. What we can do as a part of the present is to learn and reflect about the past. Magazines and newspapers has an important role in our lives and history. Your web content deserves to be the best – so optimize and learn from magazines and newspapers!

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How to Star your Day

  • Mornings are the best part of the day.
  • Start your day with a smile!
  • Set goals for the day that makes you a better person.
  • Clear your mindset and entertain joy and happiness.
  • Avoid negativity because it attracts bad vibes.
  • Meditate and focus on your inner peace.

One of the best part of the day is in the morning because it helps everyone tone up and have a great outlook and positivity for the rest of the day. You should start your day or your mornings with positivity to help you have a great mindset for the day. Believe it or not, it adds to your level of productivity – so better get yourself up! So, how are you going to start your day? Well there is just one simple rule to start your day and that is to smile. They say that when you start your day happy the rest of your day is going to be filled with joy and happiness making your day – the best day. Here are some other tips on how you should start your day:

  1. Take a break from your phone.
  • You probably used your phone to have an alarm but it does not mean that it is the first thing that you will do in the morning – to use your phone. It is best to start your day without looking at your emails and notifications after you wake up. It somewhat how irritates your eyes because of the light from your phone’s screen when you look at it and it is bad to let radiation in your eyes early in the morning. So, take a break from your devices and take your time to think and enjoy silence for a while.
  1. Set your goals for the whole day.
  • After enjoying silence it is now the perfect time to plan out your day by setting your goals. This helps you in achieving something throughout the day but limit your goals only by three to make sure that you can really accomplish all of it because if you will set 5 or 10 goals, you might not able to accomplish all of it. Plan out for your day and make sure to achieve something that makes yourself better.
  • This may sound boring but meditation gives you a lot of benefits. Sitting down in peace for just a minute or more helps you clear your mind and spiritual being. It sets your day ahead and it helps you balance. Just always remember to focus on your inner peace.

Mornings are the best part of the day because it helps you set the stage for the whole day. When you start your day just remember to smile and to welcome peace in yourself. Set goals for the day which makes you a better person and everyday welcome joy and happiness and avoid to entertain negativity for it attracts bad vibes that will destroy your day. Smile while you still can!

Our Evolution to our “new self”

  • The evolution of the species is really the hope of our world – this capacity to keep on waking up.
  • We need fear and anger because it helps us sense a larger sense of our being.
  • We are designed to handle and facilitate our change and evolution by training ourselves to pay attention.
  • Are we ready to face evolution?

We change for better or for worse. But how can we look forward to that change? Well, it is by watching that we educate ourselves into change of heart and mind. Watching ourselves grow help us track and maintain ourselves into the good path to be able to fully change for the better.

We explore this evolution of our hearts and minds for the sake of what feels like our personal freedom but it’s really the evolution of the species that’s really the hope of our world – this capacity to keep on waking up. When we check on the newspaper we can see more articles and emphasis towards the survival of the brain. The primitive brain is embedded in the overall thing more and more recently of all frontal cortex. Others think that we do not need fear and anger but instead of getting rid of it, it’s being identified and reacting out of the limbic brain and because of that we sense a larger sense of our being. And that part of our brain alerts us. And now, meditation and spiritual life comes in because we are not only designed to keep on changing or to keep on evolving but we are also designed to handle and facilitate our change and evolution by training ourselves to pay attention. That is how evolution molds us. It helps us pay attention in reactive patterns and to pay attention when judging anger and jealousy. There is a saying from Rubi Poetry and it says: “Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all barriers, scales within yourself that you have built against it and to love them.” What we are getting to that evolution is that the scale search is just a natural part of our evolutionary heritage, to protect ourselves, try to seek rewards, and we get caught on them and if we don’t keep on waking up – that’s a developmental arrest and that’s the reason why we suffer. Now we experience challenges and those challenges are very real and one of those challenges is those skills come from underneath the line. The limbic response is way more quickly to situations in the frontal cortex. So before we even know it, we lashed out and blame them before we even know it.

Change and evolution is a part of our lives. Every day, from time to time, we little by little change ourselves for the better. In evolution, the heart and the mind evolves, transforms, and grows. But of all these changes that will occur, are we really ready to face the change and evolution? Are we ready to welcome “new” self? The experiences that we had help us mold ourselves and prepare for us in evolution and a big change.

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SEO Methods that don’t work anymore

  • New strategies and methods give you a much better and fruitful result.
  • Remember to be updated with the new methods and strategies.
  • Use anchor text in the right way and in the right amount of times.
  • Use phrases that are more conversational.
  • Combine same content post because it gives you a better ranking and it has more value.

There are some strategies back in the time that is very effective and is widely used. But just to remind you, those methods and strategies does not work forever. There are some methods and strategies that vanish or fades as new technology or processes arises. Here are some SEO methods that according to Rand Fishkin on his written article in Moz:

1.”Using methods that were once tried and true can be alluring, but it can also prove dangerous to your search strategy”

– We have a new generation now and there are a lot of new and modern items and products out there. It means that we need to be modernize or make sure that our methods and strategies are up-to-date. The old ones doesn’t work anymore – so replace them with new and effective strategies or methods.

  1. Keywords before clicks.

– Remember to use phrases that is more conversational that incorporates all the phrases in just one. People’s way of searching nowadays are as if they are talking or asking a real person and that is the reason why it is important to make use of conversational phrases.

  1. The use of anchor texts on internal links.

– Sometimes we connect or we put link of our previous post to our new and latest post. So, not all of those links needs to be a text and it could possibly be different type of anchors that you could use to link over. For example, you could rather use images to it. Just remember to do the right way of using anchor texts and in the right amount of times.

  1. Pages for pages for keyword variant.

– This strategy is very effective until today but another great idea is now proposed. The idea is that rather than optimizing and keyword targeting on one page with the same content and the same company, what if we try to combine all of the same content. In that way all of the keywords needed are there and it makes the page longer, gives a better ranking, and has more value because of the fact that it is optimize for multiple phrases.


Always remember to be updated with the latest methods and strategies because as time flies those new strategies that arises are more effective and is easy to do. The key to a good ranking is not only having a good content but it is also about having an effective and efficient strategy. The old methods could still be helpful or might vanish, fade and will have no use but still, remember that the new method and strategy give you a much better result.

8 SEO Practices That Are No Longer Effective – Best SEO Podcast 322

Brand over Brain

  • Humans are natural born essentialist.
  • Branded products give us joy and pleasure, that’s why we keep on buying those.
  • We respond to things by knowing their origin and what are they made of.
  • Ubiquity kills authenticity.
  • Authenticity is important with happiness and pleasure.
  • Branded products brainwashes everything we know.

We usually choose to buy branded products. We think that if we buy branded products it would represent our status symbol and economic status. People would think that you are rich and respectable because of the brand that you bought. We choose to buy Coke rather than RC, we choose to buy Apple Products rather than Asus or Samsung, we’d rather buy Louis Vuitton than a simple bag.

But why do we choose to buy branded things? It is because we humans are essentialists. We do not only respond to things with the use of our sense or as we see and hear it, but we respond to things by knowing their origin and what they are made of. Isn’t it that we are more comfortable to eat foods that we know what is it made of and how it is cooked? One great example for this is with kids. Kids or children are given Carrot Juice and to make them drink it their parents told them that it came from McDonalds because of we think that it is tasty and delicious, it would be. We choose over branded things for us to have pleasure and we think that branded product give us that pleasure that we need and want. Our way of doing things is affected by what our brains think. Ubiquity kills authenticity. When a product gets famous it removes the authenticity, the real happiness or pleasure that it could bring. For example, ads about foods. When you saw an ad about foods it seems like it is inviting and tempting but then when you go and buy it, the food does not have the same size as advertised nor the taste that you imagined it to be. Authenticity is important with happiness. If branded products are not authentic, it does not makes us happy because it is fake. You would be very angry if you are given a fake iPhone because you expected that you would be pleasured and happy. Our expectations are sometimes our happiness – we expect to be pleasured every day.

If we think about the brand, it brainwashes everything that we know. Even if its cost is very high like you are buying a diamond, still you are going to buy it because that is what you want and that is what makes you happy. We believe that branded products give us joy and pleasure – and it is. We are not doing this for fame, to look rich, and whatever it is but then again, it is what makes us happy. The way things look and feel is affected by what we think it is. The origin of a certain product matters to us because it changes our outlook and perspective to it.

Things to do after Publishing Web Content

  • Publishing Web Content is not the final step.
  • Sharing and Clicking is the key!
  • Always do the things that will benefit you.
  • Check and Correct errors.
  • Make sure that you will be in a Win-Win situation.

After Publishing Web Content others think that it is the final step and the whole process is finished but they forget that there are still other essential things that needs to be done. When publishing web content it is important to be able to check it first from the first sentence up to the last as well as to share it in your social media. This steps are essential because it attracts and invite visitors to your website which is good in making a name in the field of SEO.

  • After publishing web content it is important to be able to proofread it as soon as possible to check and correct the errors. It is best to proofread after an hour or another after publishing the web content because it lets our brain and visions refresh to be able to let our new ideas enter. You can still add something to your web content if you think it is necessary. Try to read it out loud because it helps in recognizing problems and errors. Remember that you can still correct it anytime.
  1. Share it in your social media.
  • After checking and correcting web content it means that you are ready to share it to the world through social media. Many people are active in Twitter and Facebook and it will be a good strategy to share it, put a hashtag, and publish it to be able to attract visitors. Also, it would be easier for your visitors to share it using the social platforms to other people to help the number of your target audience grow.
  1. Don’t forget to share it to your email newsletter subscribers.
  • Your email newsletter subscribers are in fact the most loyal to you. The moment they subscribe to you it means that they are giving you importance and it also means that they are interested with you and your web content. Let them know that you have a new interesting web content but that doesn’t mean that you will send the whole article to them. Sending a teaser is a good idea but remember to include the link to your web content so they can visit it which would add and help to your SEO’s rankings.
  1. Link it to your older posts.
  • There are times that some posts are related to each other (not a duplicate) so to be able to add visitors or followers to that post, you can put a link to it to make sure that it would act as a connection with the two posts. The link would act like a suggestion to read because it is somewhat how related to the post that they are reading. Once they click, it would be a big help for you in your SEO’s ranking.


After posting or publishing web content, there are still steps that is left. Actions or steps that would help you. Just remember that in every action or step that you do, make sure that it would help and benefit you. Make sure that you will be in a Win-Win situation.

What is it like to not have electricity?

  • Life without electricity is fun and exciting.
  • Machine and electricity made our lives easier.
  • Life without electricity makes us realize and renew our values.
  • Life without electricity helps us redefine the real meaning of hard work.
  • We must achieve and acquire all things through hard work.

In our world full of technologies and gadgets, can you ever live without electricity? Life without electricity could be very exciting because of the new experiences that we could have. For example, without electricity there are no lights so you can go outside and search for some firefly or you can play with your shadow because of the light in the candle. If you would just open your eyes, there are many opportunities to grab and new experiences. But without electricity, there will be no power and it means that we cannot most of our work.

Life without electricity is a horrifying nightmare. Without it we cannot use our phones for communication and our computers for many different works. Without electricity we cannot things fast and efficient through the use of machines and thus, we cannot build houses and buildings. I guess that it would be difficult for everyone because most of our works are dependent to machines and electricity. But then there are many chances and opportunities without electricity. We can bring back and experience the old life in which our ancestors live in as well as the loss of electricity could break some boundaries. For example, you always send a message or a chat a friend or maybe a stranger but without electricity it could not power your phone which simply means that you need to talk to them personally. It enhances your oral communication skills as well as it makes the conversation exciting and livelier. Instead of just depending on chat why don’t you ask for a date and for a talk – a real talk!

Without electricity we will be doing our work manually. Instead of typing and printing, we could just simply write it using a piece of paper and a ball pen which could help improve our penmanship. Instead of using paper shredder we could recycle it and reuse the paper as a scratch. Instead of sending via email you could send it personally to make your bond or relationship stronger.

Our life without electricity depends on how we want and wish it to be. Our actions and decisions matter. Our work could be harder but it could be fun if we would translate it in a positive way. It may be hard to live without electricity because it cuts the relationship of man and machine but it makes our work and life more meaningful. If we live without electricity, we would know the values needed in a particular work. In solving math problems, we use calculator to help us but without electricity and energy it would not power on so we have to solve it manually. In solving it is normal for trial and error and to try and try until you find the correct answer. It simply teaches us to have patience and determination in solving. Our life was made easier and better with the use of machines and the power of electricity but it made us forget that all things must be achieved in hard work.