Useful Tips to beat Panda and Penguin

The people in the field of SEO knows what to optimize and to maximize, the content or your articles. Well, there are a lot of reasons to optimize and maximize your content but there is just one that stands out the most and that main reason is to attract some customers or readers to visit your site and by that way the traffic within your site suddenly increases. The more visitors and readers in your site, the higher will be your position in SEO or in search results. Do you know Panda and Penguin? Well it is not the animals but then they are tools in SEO to which people in the field of SEO are familiar with. So, how can you beat or defeat Panda and Penguin? Well, listed below are some tips that could help you defeat Panda and Penguin.

  1. Improve your content’s quality.

–              Writing a content for some is very easy but they don’t realize if it truly matters and if the story or the topic is interesting and this is the main problem of some. To be able to improve your content’s quality, you should first have an amazing and interesting topic within your content. Research for something new, fresh, and amazing that could catch an eye of a reader and of a visitor. Also, the idea of including illustrations, pictures, graphs, or other visual effects and references is a very helpful idea. You cannot attract a visitor or a reader to read your article with 12 paragraphs and 10 sentences each. Remember that you are not writing a novel. You can express yourself as well as to improve you content’s quality at the same time if you would say it straight to the point.

  1. Be Updated.

–              It is important to get updated and to know the current trends to be able to attract a visitor and a reader but also to avoid Panda Penalties. There are some sites or some books which has an old reference and information, so you should avoid them and hence, always be updated. There is always something new and interesting out there and it is up for you to explore. Choose to either being locked in the past or exploring and living your life in the present.

  1. Avoid having a duplicate for your content.

–              Having a duplicate in your content doesn’t make your website attractive to visit. Why? Well think about it. If you have a duplicate for your content, it is just confusing for me as a reader because I am reading the same article and as a SEO it would be also confusing to know what content performs better, the original one or the duplicate one? This help is also to avoid Panda. So, what you should do is that if you want to have another article or content with the same subject or topic, better change your resources and strategies. You could also try asking for another interpretation or article of a different author.


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