SEO Methods that don’t work anymore

  • New strategies and methods give you a much better and fruitful result.
  • Remember to be updated with the new methods and strategies.
  • Use anchor text in the right way and in the right amount of times.
  • Use phrases that are more conversational.
  • Combine same content post because it gives you a better ranking and it has more value.

There are some strategies back in the time that is very effective and is widely used. But just to remind you, those methods and strategies does not work forever. There are some methods and strategies that vanish or fades as new technology or processes arises. Here are some SEO methods that according to Rand Fishkin on his written article in Moz:

1.”Using methods that were once tried and true can be alluring, but it can also prove dangerous to your search strategy”

– We have a new generation now and there are a lot of new and modern items and products out there. It means that we need to be modernize or make sure that our methods and strategies are up-to-date. The old ones doesn’t work anymore – so replace them with new and effective strategies or methods.

  1. Keywords before clicks.

– Remember to use phrases that is more conversational that incorporates all the phrases in just one. People’s way of searching nowadays are as if they are talking or asking a real person and that is the reason why it is important to make use of conversational phrases.

  1. The use of anchor texts on internal links.

– Sometimes we connect or we put link of our previous post to our new and latest post. So, not all of those links needs to be a text and it could possibly be different type of anchors that you could use to link over. For example, you could rather use images to it. Just remember to do the right way of using anchor texts and in the right amount of times.

  1. Pages for pages for keyword variant.

– This strategy is very effective until today but another great idea is now proposed. The idea is that rather than optimizing and keyword targeting on one page with the same content and the same company, what if we try to combine all of the same content. In that way all of the keywords needed are there and it makes the page longer, gives a better ranking, and has more value because of the fact that it is optimize for multiple phrases.


Always remember to be updated with the latest methods and strategies because as time flies those new strategies that arises are more effective and is easy to do. The key to a good ranking is not only having a good content but it is also about having an effective and efficient strategy. The old methods could still be helpful or might vanish, fade and will have no use but still, remember that the new method and strategy give you a much better result.

8 SEO Practices That Are No Longer Effective – Best SEO Podcast 322


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