SEO Beginner’s Common Mistakes

  • Research does not only make you knowledgeable but it makes your content stand out.
  • Focus on improving your job and your income.
  • Too much sacrifice could give you too much pain.

Once in our life we became a beginner. It is a part of life and being a beginner to make or to commit some mistakes and errors. Nobody’s perfect and it’s up to you to correct yourself and learn from your mistakes. In the field of SEO, we also makes some mistakes but we make sure that later on we conclude and gain lessons which helps us put things in the right place. Listed below are some mistakes made by SEO beginners. Take note and try to learn.

  1. Being unfocused to improve income.

Focus on what’s giving advantage to both you and to the company. Business is business, right? What we mean is to try to be more intelligent by picking pages that you know you can improve the site’s performance and rank higher and faster. After which if you know that you could help those underperforming pages well try to give some help by pulling some link juice to them. It is also important to make monthly or quarterly reports and research on which focuses your goals and your target for the month or quarter. By simply doing those, you make the most out of your time and adds even a little bit to your income.

  1. Research!
  • It is important to make research and to study and especially that you are in the field of SEO, make sure that you’re up to date and knowledgeable. Every time you encounter a different or a new thing better make a research and search for some facts about it rather than leaving it out of place and knowing nothing about it which is the common mistake done by SEO beginners. Everything constantly changes. For example the requirements of Google. Making a report and research about the problem is also beneficial to make the solution by simply looking at the root of the problem. There’s nothing wrong and to be afraid of because you might encounter the same thing again in the near future and this time you are prepared to face it with a smile.
  1. Too much is not always good.
  • You do not need to sacrifice a lot of things to make your customer very happy. Your goal is to be profitable or to have a lot of income simply because what you are doing is a business. If your client demand you something and needs a lot of things, well try to negotiate at them and try to adjust those requirements. Because it affects all of your customers because you are just focusing on one client. Well if the deal is reasonable and gives you a lot of profit, then without a doubt go for it. Give what your clients want but if it’s too much then try to adjust those or they might want to find another company. Always remember that too much sacrifice will also give you too much pain.

Making mistakes is not always a bad thing but hence it could be a great strategy to be able to experiment and prepare to catch a bigger fish. We all make mistakes but what’s important is that you had learned with it and the next time the problem would occur, you are prepared!


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