What is it like to not have electricity?

  • Life without electricity is fun and exciting.
  • Machine and electricity made our lives easier.
  • Life without electricity makes us realize and renew our values.
  • Life without electricity helps us redefine the real meaning of hard work.
  • We must achieve and acquire all things through hard work.

In our world full of technologies and gadgets, can you ever live without electricity? Life without electricity could be very exciting because of the new experiences that we could have. For example, without electricity there are no lights so you can go outside and search for some firefly or you can play with your shadow because of the light in the candle. If you would just open your eyes, there are many opportunities to grab and new experiences. But without electricity, there will be no power and it means that we cannot most of our work.

Life without electricity is a horrifying nightmare. Without it we cannot use our phones for communication and our computers for many different works. Without electricity we cannot things fast and efficient through the use of machines and thus, we cannot build houses and buildings. I guess that it would be difficult for everyone because most of our works are dependent to machines and electricity. But then there are many chances and opportunities without electricity. We can bring back and experience the old life in which our ancestors live in as well as the loss of electricity could break some boundaries. For example, you always send a message or a chat a friend or maybe a stranger but without electricity it could not power your phone which simply means that you need to talk to them personally. It enhances your oral communication skills as well as it makes the conversation exciting and livelier. Instead of just depending on chat why don’t you ask for a date and for a talk – a real talk!

Without electricity we will be doing our work manually. Instead of typing and printing, we could just simply write it using a piece of paper and a ball pen which could help improve our penmanship. Instead of using paper shredder we could recycle it and reuse the paper as a scratch. Instead of sending via email you could send it personally to make your bond or relationship stronger.

Our life without electricity depends on how we want and wish it to be. Our actions and decisions matter. Our work could be harder but it could be fun if we would translate it in a positive way. It may be hard to live without electricity because it cuts the relationship of man and machine but it makes our work and life more meaningful. If we live without electricity, we would know the values needed in a particular work. In solving math problems, we use calculator to help us but without electricity and energy it would not power on so we have to solve it manually. In solving it is normal for trial and error and to try and try until you find the correct answer. It simply teaches us to have patience and determination in solving. Our life was made easier and better with the use of machines and the power of electricity but it made us forget that all things must be achieved in hard work.


Tips for Writing Web Content

  • Common mistakes of a web content writer.
  • Tips to attract/persuade a web visitor.
  • The difference between essay and web content writing.
  • Straight to the point web content.
  • Web visitor only scans.

Writing an essay and writing a web content is different. They have different purposes and they have different target audience. When writing a web content it is often a norm for web writers to think about their audience or readers when making a web content, and that is their biggest mistake. A web visitor does not visit your site for nothing. They have their purpose in visiting your site and that is not to read your articles or web content but it is to scan your web copy and in short, they are making quick or fast decisions. Want to know some of the tips?

  1. Show them what you’ve got.
  • Web visitors does not read, they scan. But are you prepared to give them what they need and what they want? They scan but could they scan something that can persuade them? Your content is your treasure and that is what matters the most to them. In a short, valuable, and straight to the point web content, have you showed them what you’ve got?
  1. The most important things first.
  • When writing an essay it could be like explain what your topic is, add a little bit of information, formulate a conclusion at the end and that’s it. But in writing a web content it is completely different because in essay the most important things comes from the middle or at the end and when it comes to web content it is opposite. The most important things, the best points, and the things that matters most comes first. Journalists call this as the inverted pyramid and this technique is what they are using in newspapers. The headlines and the most worthy information comes first and the details and backgrounds follows.
  1. Be simple; don’t try to be creative.
  • Simple statements works better. A web visitor does not check and analyze everything on your web content and for some it is very rare that some of your web visitors acknowledge your errors in terms of your grammar and punctuation. Do not make your readers think because of your words and phrases. Go straight to the point! Tell them what you need to. Just think that you are writing to a 12 year old person and it is better to avoid idiomatic expressions.
  1. Write for the lazy people and scanners.
  • Write a web content short yet powerful and knowledgeable. Try to market yourself in a short and easy way. Define everything in your headline, make your headlines summarize each points, and use bullets points to shorten wordiness.
  1. Use simple words.
  • Simple words makes it easy for you to write web content and makes it easier for the web visitor to understand. Use words and expressions of common people.

A web content doesn’t need to be a novel. Write it in a short, easy, and straight to the point way. Do not make the web visitors confused and hence give them what they want and need to know.

9 Simple Tips for Writing Persuasive Web Content


Useful Tips to beat Panda and Penguin

The people in the field of SEO knows what to optimize and to maximize, the content or your articles. Well, there are a lot of reasons to optimize and maximize your content but there is just one that stands out the most and that main reason is to attract some customers or readers to visit your site and by that way the traffic within your site suddenly increases. The more visitors and readers in your site, the higher will be your position in SEO or in search results. Do you know Panda and Penguin? Well it is not the animals but then they are tools in SEO to which people in the field of SEO are familiar with. So, how can you beat or defeat Panda and Penguin? Well, listed below are some tips that could help you defeat Panda and Penguin.

  1. Improve your content’s quality.

–              Writing a content for some is very easy but they don’t realize if it truly matters and if the story or the topic is interesting and this is the main problem of some. To be able to improve your content’s quality, you should first have an amazing and interesting topic within your content. Research for something new, fresh, and amazing that could catch an eye of a reader and of a visitor. Also, the idea of including illustrations, pictures, graphs, or other visual effects and references is a very helpful idea. You cannot attract a visitor or a reader to read your article with 12 paragraphs and 10 sentences each. Remember that you are not writing a novel. You can express yourself as well as to improve you content’s quality at the same time if you would say it straight to the point.

  1. Be Updated.

–              It is important to get updated and to know the current trends to be able to attract a visitor and a reader but also to avoid Panda Penalties. There are some sites or some books which has an old reference and information, so you should avoid them and hence, always be updated. There is always something new and interesting out there and it is up for you to explore. Choose to either being locked in the past or exploring and living your life in the present.

  1. Avoid having a duplicate for your content.

–              Having a duplicate in your content doesn’t make your website attractive to visit. Why? Well think about it. If you have a duplicate for your content, it is just confusing for me as a reader because I am reading the same article and as a SEO it would be also confusing to know what content performs better, the original one or the duplicate one? This help is also to avoid Panda. So, what you should do is that if you want to have another article or content with the same subject or topic, better change your resources and strategies. You could also try asking for another interpretation or article of a different author.

Useful Lessons from Workaholics

Workaholics. Some people think that working is just drugs because many people are addicted to it and many people are attached to it. There are many reasons why people becomes workaholic but there is just one common or main thing that they want, Money. Some people or majority of them wanted to earn money, to earn bigger, and because they also wanted to become better. Being a workaholic does really give you a lot of good and bad things but we can benefit with them by using their advice’s and tips because of their experiences because “Experience is the best teacher” So, here are some tips from workaholics:

  1. We are Human BEING not Human DOING.
  • Sometimes in our life we feel that we have to do or achieve something. Our mind does not stop thinking of what we want and what we are. We dream or think of becoming big or better but we do not realize to stop and to awake. We kept on pushing and going forward while in fact you are already at the end of the finish line. Once in our life or once in a day we should stop doing something and meditate, find our peace and to stop working. We should be able to know our limitations and some people say that “Once is enough, twice is too much, and thrice is abuse”
  • They say that our life could become unmanageable because we do not know how to prioritize. Well, think about it. If we know how to identify the most important things in our life and we could identify our priorities, we can have and choose the right move or step to be able to grow. Our priorities matters the most, so if we could take action to this – our lives could become better as well our jobs. Other problems will not occur or doesn’t really matter because we know that it will not affect us and our priorities as well as it will not give or leave you a strong impact. To prioritize means also to realize to help open our eyes.
  1. Pressure and Distractions.
  • Does your parents, friends, or office mates pressures you? Or are they the ones distracting you? Well, pressure and distractions are common to everyone but it is not normal. Being pressured and distracted destroys the quality of your work and your mood as a person and as a worker. To be able to work well or to live well we should avoid being pressured and being distracted and to be able to do that you should think positive and if you hear someone is about to pressure or distract you, you better ignore that person because he or she doesn’t deserve your precious time.
  1. Opportunities are everywhere.
  • Opportunities are just out there, they are not waiting for you so it is better to grab it and to take action with it. Others could not see opportunity but then again we should all prioritize to be able to realize. Opportunities are like limited edition products, grab them while it lasts.


Tony Robins – On Achievement versus Fulfillment

  • Achievement or Fulfillment?
  • Decisions are like road signs, they help you reach the right path.
  • You are in charge for yourself and no one else but only you.
  • Dreams are for your own, fulfillment are for others.
  • You can always revert your decisions and make it into something you wanted it to be.
  • Your real fulfillment is to grow.

Everybody wants to achieve something but we cannot achieve and become successful unless we learn something and we grow. We wanted to become big and to be on top and that is because of our dreams. In our life, we constantly change and renew ourselves because of our dreams and goals that we wanted to achieve and by which those goals are only for ourselves. But as we reach our success we do not consider about our own growth. Because of our dreams we became selfish. Fulfillment comes in a different angle. Fulfillment is for other people. What are the things that you wanted to fulfill? Is it your parent’s dream for you? You wanted to fulfill what other people demanded you to be? No matter what your answer is, always remember that you will always be in charge in your own life. Your dreams and your future depends on you. Your decisions make you strong and it makes your life exciting and fun. You have the steering wheel so you decide which path to take.

You are the author of your own book and of your own destiny. Your future depends upon yourself because you have the power to change what’s everything in front of you. Fulfillment may also become a promise or a job. But what we think is that fulfillment is more important than achievement, what do you think? They say that achievement is just only for yourself but fulfillment is not only for you but instead it is for other people. What matter the most for you? The good and benefit of yourself or for the others? Many people are fed up by the idea of success and the idea of being on top while you are stepping above other people. Always remember that your decisions shape your life. Some say that decisions are like muscles, the more you make it to more you get stronger, isn’t right? Just like what is said above, you are the only one who have the power to change what is everything in front of you and that is through decisions. If something bothers you, change it.

If you do not feel that something is not right about one thing, then go change it. You cannot upgrade and go to another level if you are still stuck in the same problem and the moment you realize that something is wrong, you need to have and make a decision but remember to think a million times before you make the final decision. If you made the wrong choice, then do not be pressured and do not feel bad about it. If you made a wrong choice, you are not too late to make it right and you should consider it as a lesson. Make sure to consider all the aspects and concepts needed to be able to choose and do the rightful move. From this decisions, we have learned many things but with this knowledge and information that we had acquired, we need to convert it into action and if we don’t – there’s no use for it.

We should figure out how to make our visions real. Stand Up and make a move! While you are still alive and while you can still move, make your visions come true. Make your dreams and fulfillments come true or else and at the end you will regret and wish that you made the decision to change your present and your future. You know what should everybody fulfill? It’s the fulfillment to grow. Growing is what we really need. If you will not grow, nothing will happen to you as well as in business. If it does not grow, nothing will happen and the whole idea of that business in no use. If you cannot let yourself grow, there will be no room for improvement, for growth, and for development. But if you let yourself grow and develop, you will change for the better and that change that you started could spread out through the universe and all of us will have the chance to grow and to find their purpose, what they really want to achieve and what their fulfillment is.

Our brains are complex. Others think that it is designed and made for us to be happy but the truth is it is designed for our survival and every time that we are having problems, our brain is always there. But what is the reason why are you suffering? Well it is because you are focusing on yourself and you are being selfish. Some does not admit it, but that is the truth and the truth really hurts. According to Tony Robbins, he found the three thought patterns of suffering and that is Lost, Less and Never. Lost – there are some situations that you feel that you lost respect or we lost something like material things, we suffer and we get depressed with it, right? If we have failed to do something for a person isn’t it that we felt less respect and less love? And if we didn’t do something for our friends, or for other people – we feel that we will never have something again. But to avoid suffering, we should have “appreciation”. When we start to appreciate things, our sufferings lessen and if we also think positive then our sufferings will vanish.

People think that fulfillment is more important than achievement but the real score or the real answer to that only depends upon yourself. The decisions and moves that you make are the ones important and matters the most. In deciding, do not fear to make the wrong choice because in the end, you can always revert and change into the way you wanted it to be. Remember to grow up and to level up because it is your real fulfillment, to find your purpose, and to convert your knowledge into action. We suffer and we find joy because of ourselves. Our life is a journey or a trip, remember to drive it in the right path.