Tips for Writing Web Content

  • Common mistakes of a web content writer.
  • Tips to attract/persuade a web visitor.
  • The difference between essay and web content writing.
  • Straight to the point web content.
  • Web visitor only scans.

Writing an essay and writing a web content is different. They have different purposes and they have different target audience. When writing a web content it is often a norm for web writers to think about their audience or readers when making a web content, and that is their biggest mistake. A web visitor does not visit your site for nothing. They have their purpose in visiting your site and that is not to read your articles or web content but it is to scan your web copy and in short, they are making quick or fast decisions. Want to know some of the tips?

  1. Show them what you’ve got.
  • Web visitors does not read, they scan. But are you prepared to give them what they need and what they want? They scan but could they scan something that can persuade them? Your content is your treasure and that is what matters the most to them. In a short, valuable, and straight to the point web content, have you showed them what you’ve got?
  1. The most important things first.
  • When writing an essay it could be like explain what your topic is, add a little bit of information, formulate a conclusion at the end and that’s it. But in writing a web content it is completely different because in essay the most important things comes from the middle or at the end and when it comes to web content it is opposite. The most important things, the best points, and the things that matters most comes first. Journalists call this as the inverted pyramid and this technique is what they are using in newspapers. The headlines and the most worthy information comes first and the details and backgrounds follows.
  1. Be simple; don’t try to be creative.
  • Simple statements works better. A web visitor does not check and analyze everything on your web content and for some it is very rare that some of your web visitors acknowledge your errors in terms of your grammar and punctuation. Do not make your readers think because of your words and phrases. Go straight to the point! Tell them what you need to. Just think that you are writing to a 12 year old person and it is better to avoid idiomatic expressions.
  1. Write for the lazy people and scanners.
  • Write a web content short yet powerful and knowledgeable. Try to market yourself in a short and easy way. Define everything in your headline, make your headlines summarize each points, and use bullets points to shorten wordiness.
  1. Use simple words.
  • Simple words makes it easy for you to write web content and makes it easier for the web visitor to understand. Use words and expressions of common people.

A web content doesn’t need to be a novel. Write it in a short, easy, and straight to the point way. Do not make the web visitors confused and hence give them what they want and need to know.

9 Simple Tips for Writing Persuasive Web Content



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