Useful Lessons from Workaholics

Workaholics. Some people think that working is just drugs because many people are addicted to it and many people are attached to it. There are many reasons why people becomes workaholic but there is just one common or main thing that they want, Money. Some people or majority of them wanted to earn money, to earn bigger, and because they also wanted to become better. Being a workaholic does really give you a lot of good and bad things but we can benefit with them by using their advice’s and tips because of their experiences because “Experience is the best teacher” So, here are some tips from workaholics:

  1. We are Human BEING not Human DOING.
  • Sometimes in our life we feel that we have to do or achieve something. Our mind does not stop thinking of what we want and what we are. We dream or think of becoming big or better but we do not realize to stop and to awake. We kept on pushing and going forward while in fact you are already at the end of the finish line. Once in our life or once in a day we should stop doing something and meditate, find our peace and to stop working. We should be able to know our limitations and some people say that “Once is enough, twice is too much, and thrice is abuse”
  • They say that our life could become unmanageable because we do not know how to prioritize. Well, think about it. If we know how to identify the most important things in our life and we could identify our priorities, we can have and choose the right move or step to be able to grow. Our priorities matters the most, so if we could take action to this – our lives could become better as well our jobs. Other problems will not occur or doesn’t really matter because we know that it will not affect us and our priorities as well as it will not give or leave you a strong impact. To prioritize means also to realize to help open our eyes.
  1. Pressure and Distractions.
  • Does your parents, friends, or office mates pressures you? Or are they the ones distracting you? Well, pressure and distractions are common to everyone but it is not normal. Being pressured and distracted destroys the quality of your work and your mood as a person and as a worker. To be able to work well or to live well we should avoid being pressured and being distracted and to be able to do that you should think positive and if you hear someone is about to pressure or distract you, you better ignore that person because he or she doesn’t deserve your precious time.
  1. Opportunities are everywhere.
  • Opportunities are just out there, they are not waiting for you so it is better to grab it and to take action with it. Others could not see opportunity but then again we should all prioritize to be able to realize. Opportunities are like limited edition products, grab them while it lasts.


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