Brand over Brain

  • Humans are natural born essentialist.
  • Branded products give us joy and pleasure, that’s why we keep on buying those.
  • We respond to things by knowing their origin and what are they made of.
  • Ubiquity kills authenticity.
  • Authenticity is important with happiness and pleasure.
  • Branded products brainwashes everything we know.

We usually choose to buy branded products. We think that if we buy branded products it would represent our status symbol and economic status. People would think that you are rich and respectable because of the brand that you bought. We choose to buy Coke rather than RC, we choose to buy Apple Products rather than Asus or Samsung, we’d rather buy Louis Vuitton than a simple bag.

But why do we choose to buy branded things? It is because we humans are essentialists. We do not only respond to things with the use of our sense or as we see and hear it, but we respond to things by knowing their origin and what they are made of. Isn’t it that we are more comfortable to eat foods that we know what is it made of and how it is cooked? One great example for this is with kids. Kids or children are given Carrot Juice and to make them drink it their parents told them that it came from McDonalds because of we think that it is tasty and delicious, it would be. We choose over branded things for us to have pleasure and we think that branded product give us that pleasure that we need and want. Our way of doing things is affected by what our brains think. Ubiquity kills authenticity. When a product gets famous it removes the authenticity, the real happiness or pleasure that it could bring. For example, ads about foods. When you saw an ad about foods it seems like it is inviting and tempting but then when you go and buy it, the food does not have the same size as advertised nor the taste that you imagined it to be. Authenticity is important with happiness. If branded products are not authentic, it does not makes us happy because it is fake. You would be very angry if you are given a fake iPhone because you expected that you would be pleasured and happy. Our expectations are sometimes our happiness – we expect to be pleasured every day.

If we think about the brand, it brainwashes everything that we know. Even if its cost is very high like you are buying a diamond, still you are going to buy it because that is what you want and that is what makes you happy. We believe that branded products give us joy and pleasure – and it is. We are not doing this for fame, to look rich, and whatever it is but then again, it is what makes us happy. The way things look and feel is affected by what we think it is. The origin of a certain product matters to us because it changes our outlook and perspective to it.


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