SEO Lessons from Print

  • Internet made everyone a potential writer.
  • Our era is advance but we owe something from the past.
  • Educating the reader is a technique to attract visitors and traffic.
  • Proofreading is very important.
  • Your web content deserves to be the best – so learn from the past.

Everybody is familiar with magazines and newspapers definitely because it was the main transportation for content to us during those old times. These are printed content which is professionally written and is reviewed very carefully to avoid any errors or mistakes. And today the Internet became means of communication through the use of social media and with the use of internet, everyone is a potential writer. You can publish your article or anything with the use of different websites like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. With everyone publishing their work without checking it properly, there are more bad content than good content and no matter how good your content is, it is still hard to rank well or stand out because of many other users. So, what we can do now is to reflect and learn from the traditional print.

  • Everybody wants their content to be unique, one of a kind, and stand out but you can’t do that if your content has wrong information. When we research, our knowledge about the topic or subject is widened making it easy for us to write a web content because we already know all about our topic and we have knowledge and ideas in it. Without proper research, the reader could notice that something is not right. They will not continue reading your web content and thus will never visit your site again because what you have written is wrong – so it is really important to do some research.
  1. Educate the reader.
  • It feels good to be educated because you learn something new and something interesting. When you write a web content that educates the reader, your web content becomes so interesting and valuable as well as your site. People wants to know more of your article, your topic, and they want to know more facts. Educating the reader, helps you stand out with in terms of content and could help you in your SEO work because it attracts more visitors.
  1. Do some proofreading.
  • Proofreading is very important because you are able to check your work or article before you publish it as well as you still have a chance to correct those errors. Proofread does actually contribute something to the quality of your work. Magazines and newspapers are critically checked first before publishing it to ensure its quality. We could also can learn to improve the quality of our work and one way is proofreading. How could your web content be the best if there are some errors?

Our era is very advance and full of technology but let us not forget about our past. What we can do as a part of the present is to learn and reflect about the past. Magazines and newspapers has an important role in our lives and history. Your web content deserves to be the best – so optimize and learn from magazines and newspapers!

10 Content Lessons From Print – Best SEO Podcast 325


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