What is it like to not have electricity?

  • Life without electricity is fun and exciting.
  • Machine and electricity made our lives easier.
  • Life without electricity makes us realize and renew our values.
  • Life without electricity helps us redefine the real meaning of hard work.
  • We must achieve and acquire all things through hard work.

In our world full of technologies and gadgets, can you ever live without electricity? Life without electricity could be very exciting because of the new experiences that we could have. For example, without electricity there are no lights so you can go outside and search for some firefly or you can play with your shadow because of the light in the candle. If you would just open your eyes, there are many opportunities to grab and new experiences. But without electricity, there will be no power and it means that we cannot most of our work.

Life without electricity is a horrifying nightmare. Without it we cannot use our phones for communication and our computers for many different works. Without electricity we cannot things fast and efficient through the use of machines and thus, we cannot build houses and buildings. I guess that it would be difficult for everyone because most of our works are dependent to machines and electricity. But then there are many chances and opportunities without electricity. We can bring back and experience the old life in which our ancestors live in as well as the loss of electricity could break some boundaries. For example, you always send a message or a chat a friend or maybe a stranger but without electricity it could not power your phone which simply means that you need to talk to them personally. It enhances your oral communication skills as well as it makes the conversation exciting and livelier. Instead of just depending on chat why don’t you ask for a date and for a talk – a real talk!

Without electricity we will be doing our work manually. Instead of typing and printing, we could just simply write it using a piece of paper and a ball pen which could help improve our penmanship. Instead of using paper shredder we could recycle it and reuse the paper as a scratch. Instead of sending via email you could send it personally to make your bond or relationship stronger.

Our life without electricity depends on how we want and wish it to be. Our actions and decisions matter. Our work could be harder but it could be fun if we would translate it in a positive way. It may be hard to live without electricity because it cuts the relationship of man and machine but it makes our work and life more meaningful. If we live without electricity, we would know the values needed in a particular work. In solving math problems, we use calculator to help us but without electricity and energy it would not power on so we have to solve it manually. In solving it is normal for trial and error and to try and try until you find the correct answer. It simply teaches us to have patience and determination in solving. Our life was made easier and better with the use of machines and the power of electricity but it made us forget that all things must be achieved in hard work.


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