Our Evolution to our “new self”

  • The evolution of the species is really the hope of our world – this capacity to keep on waking up.
  • We need fear and anger because it helps us sense a larger sense of our being.
  • We are designed to handle and facilitate our change and evolution by training ourselves to pay attention.
  • Are we ready to face evolution?

We change for better or for worse. But how can we look forward to that change? Well, it is by watching that we educate ourselves into change of heart and mind. Watching ourselves grow help us track and maintain ourselves into the good path to be able to fully change for the better.

We explore this evolution of our hearts and minds for the sake of what feels like our personal freedom but it’s really the evolution of the species that’s really the hope of our world – this capacity to keep on waking up. When we check on the newspaper we can see more articles and emphasis towards the survival of the brain. The primitive brain is embedded in the overall thing more and more recently of all frontal cortex. Others think that we do not need fear and anger but instead of getting rid of it, it’s being identified and reacting out of the limbic brain and because of that we sense a larger sense of our being. And that part of our brain alerts us. And now, meditation and spiritual life comes in because we are not only designed to keep on changing or to keep on evolving but we are also designed to handle and facilitate our change and evolution by training ourselves to pay attention. That is how evolution molds us. It helps us pay attention in reactive patterns and to pay attention when judging anger and jealousy. There is a saying from Rubi Poetry and it says: “Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all barriers, scales within yourself that you have built against it and to love them.” What we are getting to that evolution is that the scale search is just a natural part of our evolutionary heritage, to protect ourselves, try to seek rewards, and we get caught on them and if we don’t keep on waking up – that’s a developmental arrest and that’s the reason why we suffer. Now we experience challenges and those challenges are very real and one of those challenges is those skills come from underneath the line. The limbic response is way more quickly to situations in the frontal cortex. So before we even know it, we lashed out and blame them before we even know it.

Change and evolution is a part of our lives. Every day, from time to time, we little by little change ourselves for the better. In evolution, the heart and the mind evolves, transforms, and grows. But of all these changes that will occur, are we really ready to face the change and evolution? Are we ready to welcome “new” self? The experiences that we had help us mold ourselves and prepare for us in evolution and a big change.

Your Future Self: Turning Towards Your Awakened HeartMind


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