Things to do after Publishing Web Content

  • Publishing Web Content is not the final step.
  • Sharing and Clicking is the key!
  • Always do the things that will benefit you.
  • Check and Correct errors.
  • Make sure that you will be in a Win-Win situation.

After Publishing Web Content others think that it is the final step and the whole process is finished but they forget that there are still other essential things that needs to be done. When publishing web content it is important to be able to check it first from the first sentence up to the last as well as to share it in your social media. This steps are essential because it attracts and invite visitors to your website which is good in making a name in the field of SEO.

  • After publishing web content it is important to be able to proofread it as soon as possible to check and correct the errors. It is best to proofread after an hour or another after publishing the web content because it lets our brain and visions refresh to be able to let our new ideas enter. You can still add something to your web content if you think it is necessary. Try to read it out loud because it helps in recognizing problems and errors. Remember that you can still correct it anytime.
  1. Share it in your social media.
  • After checking and correcting web content it means that you are ready to share it to the world through social media. Many people are active in Twitter and Facebook and it will be a good strategy to share it, put a hashtag, and publish it to be able to attract visitors. Also, it would be easier for your visitors to share it using the social platforms to other people to help the number of your target audience grow.
  1. Don’t forget to share it to your email newsletter subscribers.
  • Your email newsletter subscribers are in fact the most loyal to you. The moment they subscribe to you it means that they are giving you importance and it also means that they are interested with you and your web content. Let them know that you have a new interesting web content but that doesn’t mean that you will send the whole article to them. Sending a teaser is a good idea but remember to include the link to your web content so they can visit it which would add and help to your SEO’s rankings.
  1. Link it to your older posts.
  • There are times that some posts are related to each other (not a duplicate) so to be able to add visitors or followers to that post, you can put a link to it to make sure that it would act as a connection with the two posts. The link would act like a suggestion to read because it is somewhat how related to the post that they are reading. Once they click, it would be a big help for you in your SEO’s ranking.


After posting or publishing web content, there are still steps that is left. Actions or steps that would help you. Just remember that in every action or step that you do, make sure that it would help and benefit you. Make sure that you will be in a Win-Win situation.


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