How to enjoy life

  • Happiness is a choice.
  • Set your own goal!
  • Smile, while you still can.
  • Meditation help you eliminate the bad vibes and balance yourself.
  • Laughter is the best medicine and revenge to haters.
  • Enjoying could also mean sacrifice.

We often refer life to roller coasters because of its ups and downs. With this life full of mystery and everyday challenges, we sometimes forget to live in the moment. Sometimes we always think of a throwback experience from the past that makes us pause for a moment and then be sad as well as we fear that those experiences in the past would affect the future which makes living the moment harder. If you would always think of the past, then you can do nothing with the present which typically speaking can destroy your future. Here are the things that would help you live in the moment:

  1. Don’t look at other’s achievements.
  • Don’t look other people’s achievements what you are supposed to do is to try creating your own. You cannot enjoy and live in the moment because you are focused to achieve their goals while in the other hand you can create your own achievement. But always remember to know your limits however don’t hesitate to try to exceed them.
  1. Change your daily routine.
  • Try to examine and meditate to find the reasons why aren’t you enjoying life. After you find it out just little by little try to avoid and replace them with happier moments or routine that makes you happy and inspired. It’s not easy from the first place to instantly change so try it little by little or when you are ready.
  1. Meditation is the key.
  • Meditation refers to the act of relaxing and training your mind by simply concentrating and being focused while closing your eyes without any disturbances. You can only do this if you keep your mind empty. It brings you a lot of advantages. It helps you think better and to observe and see he world in a different angle. But if you’re meditating try avoid disturbances and don’t forget to set a timer. And keep in mind that meditation is different with sleeping.
  1. Smile!
  • This is the most effective way to enjoy life, to smile and be happy. If you are stressed out for the day try to smile and to laugh. If you can’t why don’t you watch some comedy shows or movies if you can’t then force yourself to laugh even though this maybe silly, it helps a little bit. Try to attend some laughter yoga or do it by yourself. Laughing gives you many advantages to your health.

Enjoying life doesn’t always refer to happy moments, but sometimes it is the bad ones that makes us laugh and enjoy. Enjoy could also mean sacrifice; sacrifice for the better of your future. If problems occur, just think positive, smile and move on. Problems do always have a solution. Happiness is a choice.


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